The Stagedoor is a new venue in Longridge on Stanley Street. Its primary purpose is a bar offering authentic cocktails, fine wine and a selection of beers in a relaxing environment, paired perfectly with our freshly made small plates.

We have the capability for hosting live bands, acoustic sets, comedy nights, spoken word, cinema, public broadcasts and it is a great space for a private hire.

Our hope is that we have created a beautiful, luxurious space where our guests can enjoy themselves and relax. Our vision is that we have brought something different and new to Longridge that can not only be a great bar in the evening but also provide a unique space that can provide a space for the community to enjoy.

Why is it called the Stagedoor? This is the third company our family has created in Longridge. We have been here for 21 years with our IT company and five years with our sound and lighting company. Theatre, music, festivals and dance have been a big part of our lives and the bar is a tribute to that. It is a combination of technical excellence and elegance boasting a beautiful chandelier as the centrepiece.
As a new venue we need to learn how to get the best out of it and eagerly await the feedback and guidance of the community to get the best from our new venue.

Opening The Door To Good Times

The Stagedoor is a new family-run venue on Stanley Street in the heart of Longridge, offering authentic cocktails, fine wine and a selection of beers in a relaxing environment. During the day we operate as a coffee shop, selling locally roasted coffee and a selection of savouries and cakes.

Cocktails & SMALL PLATES

Come and enjoy our authentic and unique cocktails, fine wines and premium beers, paired with our small plates
Thursday to Sunday.